Bulk Course Requests

This function is used when you have a course packet that contains multiple courses. It gives you the ability to select a report, created using the Report Creator App, that identifies certain types of students. You can then use the report to bulk apply course requests for certain courses to the specified students in the report.

Step One: Create the Report

To use this function, the first step is to create a report using the Report Creator. Below is a report created as an example:

Step Two: Add Bulk Request Configuration

Once you have added a report that contains the students you want to bulk apply course requests to, you can go back to the Master Scheduler and click on the “Bulk Course Requests” tab (or you can open the enrollment period and click on the “Bulk Course Requests” button under Step 2).

On this screen click the “Add New Configuration” button. Here you can select your report and the courses that you want to bulk assign course requests to. You can add as many as you need:

After you click “Add” you will see your new configuration listed. It will show the courses connected to the report along with the number of existing course requests for each course:

Step Three: Create Bulk Course Requests

Click “Create Course Requests” to be taken to the “Bulk Course Requests Preview” screen. Here you will see the name of the report you created, the name of the courses that you want to bulk apply course requests to and  students that were pulled by the report you created:

Confirm that all the information above is correct, you can choose to deselect any students that you no longer want to apply the course requests to. You can also choose to “Lock course requests when done” to automatically lock the course requests that you created for the selected students. Once you have confirmed that everything on screen looks correct, click the “Create Course Requests” button. You will see a pop-up confirming your request:

Step Four: Confirm Execution of Bulk Request

Once you bulk created the course requests you can go back to the “Bulk Course Requests” screen to confirm that they were created properly. You should see that the number of Requested  course requests has increased and you should also see details on the last execution of the bulk change including the date and time of the latest execution.

The “Unlock Students Course Requests” button allows you to unlock course requests for students in the report directly from this link, without having to unlock each student separately.



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