Activating/Deactivating Course Requests in Student Portal

Once you are ready for students to submit course requests online via the Student Portal, you can activate the session to turn on the “Course Requests” tab in the Student Portal.

Activating Course Requests in Student Portal

Go to the Master Scheduler tab and open the enrollment period you are working on. On the right hand side of the screen you will see the status of the enrollment period you are working on and you will also see the status of course requests. To turn on Course Requests for students in the Student Portal click the “Activate Session” button:

Once activated, students will have access to the Course Requests tab in the Student Portal. They will only have access to submit course requests based on the groups you created for their grade level (and based on courses in the course offering). Please see Configure Course Request Templates  for more info.

Anything that is preassigned for a student will be locked in so that students cannot make changes to them.

Deactivating Course Requests tab in Student Portal

You can always deactivate the session (in order to remove the Course Requests tab from the student portal) or you can “Lock” the session so that students can no longer submit course requests but will still have access to the tab in the Student Portal so that they can see what they have submitted.



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