Submitting Course Requests for Students

With Quickschools Master Scheduler app, you have the ability to add course requests on behalf of students. There are two different places to submit course requests on behalf of students (1) Master Scheduler and (2) the student record. Allowing users to submit course requests directly from the student record is a useful function for schools who want some users to have access to submit course requests without giving them access to the entire master schedule. This article describes how to submit course requests from each module:

Submitting Course Requests for Students [from Master Scheduler]

Step One:

Go to the Master Scheduler tab and open the enrollment period that you would like to work on, then go to step 2 to find the “Course Requests” options:

When you click on the “Course Requests by Student” button, it will take you to the Student Course Requests screen. (You can also navigate to this screen without opening the enrollment period just clicking on the “Course Requests” tab located under the Master Scheduler module).

Step Two

If you click anywhere in a student’s row other than the “Select Courses for Student” link, you will open the “Edit Course Requests for:” screen. Simply click on the “Request” button next to a course in order to add it to the list of course requests for the student:

To search for a course enter the course code or name in the search bar. Click on the “X” in order to remove a course request or click the “toggle button in order to set the course as an alternate. To search for a specific course, add the course name or course code in the search bar.

Submitting Course Requests for Students [from the student record]

Step One:

The same Course Request screen is available from the Students module as an additional tab. To access the tab go to the Students tab, open a student record and open the “Course Requests” tab.

Step Two:

Everything works the same as it does in the master scheduler. To add a course click “Request”; to delete click on the “X” and to toggle a course as alternate click on the toggle button.



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