Mass Change Course Requests

This function is used when a site determines that they will be replacing one course with another AFTER course requests have been submitted. For example, if you are no longer going to be offering Cooking but instead will offer Woodwork, you can re-assign all course requests that have been submitted for Cooking to Woodwork. Follow these steps to mass change course requests from one course to another.

Step One: Open enrollment period

Go to the Master Scheduler and open the enrollment period you are working on. Under Step 2 of the Master Scheduler you will find the “Mass Change Course Requests” button:

Click on the button to go to the “Mass Change Course Requests” screen.

Step Two: Find course to mass change

Search for the course that you would like to mass change course requests for.

Once you have selected the course that needs to be changed you will be taken to the “Bulk Transfer Students to Another Course Request” screen.

Step Three: Choose course to transfer requests to

On this screen you must click “Find Course” in order to select the course that students course requests will be transferred to:

This will open a pop-up that will allow you to search for the course, once you find the course you want to move course requests to, click on it to select it:

Step Four: Select students

Once you selected the course you will see it listed under “All Students will be added to:”. Also, you need to select the students whose course requests you want to move by checking the box next to their name. You can go down and check each box one by one or click the down arrow in the box and select “All” to select all students automatically:

Step Five: Complete mass change

Once you have selected the course that students will be added to and the students whose course requests will be transferred, you can click the “Bulk transfer students selected below” button in order to complete the mass change. You will see that the course requests were moved to the new course that you have chosen:



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