Creating Gradebook Template

You can create Gradebook templates for columns and formulas that you repeatedly need to use on other subjects. This would also be useful if you need to use similar gradebook columns in the next semesters. You may share the template to other users in your school.

1. Go to Gradebook tab > select the teacher, semester, and subject > click the paper icon:

2. Click the “Templates” button:

3. Click the “Create Template” button then enter the template name. The new template will then appear in your existing templates.

4. Click the template you have created to make edits.
Each row represents a column in the gradebook. The screenshot below shows the columns in the active gradebook when you created the template. You may remove the columns that you don’t want to be included in the template; you may also manually add columns as needed:

To share the template to other users in your school, click the link “Share”. This will make the template available to all users who have Gradebook access.

To insert the template into another Gradebook, switch to the proper Gradebook then simply repeat steps 1-2 and then click the “Insert” button:

Be careful with it, however - clicking the “Insert” link multiple times will insert the template multiple times, and each column would have to be deleted manually.




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