Payment Plan App

The Payment Plan module allows schools to offer financing solutions to parents and/or students, where invoices can be paid through an automated payment schedule.

We have curated a set of guides that offers detailed information, tutorials, and tips & tricks on setting up and managing the Payment Plan App.

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Enabling & Configuring The Payment Plan App

User Access

Allow access for specific users only

App Configuration

Easily set up the app configuration via the App Store

Managing the Payment Plans

Scheduled Installments

Generate Payment Schedules for Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or Annual installments

Managing Payments for Active Plans

Collect Payments via Stripe

Automatically charge the payment method on file via the Online Payments feature.

Skip Payments

Skip scheduled installments for manual repayments, and add remarks to the transactions

Automatic Retries

Payments can be automatically retried when the scheduled installment payment fails

Notifications & Reporting For Payment Plans


Keep track of all your Payment Plan Transactions through our available Summary Reports or create your own report through the Report Creator.

Email Notifications

Stay updated on the status of your scheduled installments through email notifications for Failed and Upcoming Payments


Beta Admin Payment Plan

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