Default Gradebook Columns for Transferring Averages to Report Cards

Gradebook Default Columns are an additional option for the Gradebook, and assist in coordinating semester grade calculations for semester report cards when multiple marking periods (quarters, cycles, etc.) are tracked in the same Gradebook. This feature is also great for when you need to pull manually added subject-level values from the Report Cards into the Gradebook.

Administrators can create default columns from the Grading Setup page - simply click the "Add Default Column" button and fill in the box that appears. 

Once the Default Gradebook columns have been created, they will appear in all Gradebooks. They work like standard Formula columns. 

Gradebook (Default) (System Columns)

Default Columns can be found at the very end of your Gradebook column and can be identified by their distinct orange-colored column headers.  In the screenshot above, these columns represent: Q2 Grade - Final Grade for Q2, Q2 Final - Final Exam for Q2, 1st Semester Grade.

Setting up the Default Columns

The new Gradebook Default Columns function just like regular formulas. You can edit the formula, apply a date range, weight the various categories and so on. You can also directly type into the Default Columns if you do not with to use a formula.

Note that the Default Columns will be used in the final Report Cards. You have full control on how to weight the various columns. If you've already set up another Gradebook formula that calculates the grades, you can create the appropriate weight factors in the default column to simply transfer the grades over:

Setting up the Gradebook System Column
Setting up the Gradebook System Column

The "Q2 Final" is also optional, so leaving it blank, will also mean that the field is blank in the report card. Also, as long as your grades are saved, it will transfer to the Report Cards automatically (there is no "submit" function for the Gradebook, just like in Q1). But you will need to save your grades before the marking period is over, as the Report Cards and Gradebook System Columns will get locked.

Can I change the grades afterwards?

It's important to note here that at the end of the marking period, the report cards will be locked. This means that you will no longer be able to make changes to the report cards (for the locked session). Similarly, at some point, administrators can also lock the Default Columns so that it remains in sync with the report cards. Any changes to the gradebook after the system columns have been locked will not affect the system columns. If changes are required, you will need to contact your administrator to unlock the session.

Common Examples

EXAMPLE 1: If you want to set up a Semester 1 Grade that is simply the average of Quarter 1 and Quarter, simply use the "Add Another Weight Factor" button, click on "Show Items" to expand all Formulas, and select the appropriate formula columns to average:

Final Semester Grade as average of Q1 and Q2
Final Semester Grade as average of Q1 and Q2

Example 2: If you want to set up a Semester 1 Grade that has 20% weighted for the Exam, you can try this set of weight factors instead:

Gradebook Weight Factor with 20% Exam
Gradebook Weight Factor with 20% Exam

Please remember that only 3 fields in the example above are default columns, while the rest are custom formulas that you may have set up in your Gradebook. So please select the appropriate columns for your calculations.

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