Creating Email Templates for Admissions

Inspired by the Online Forms app, Admissions also has email template functionality so you can email your inquiring students and applicants directly from your Admissions module. 

When opening an Admissions Inquiry or Application, there is an “Email” button on the top right:

Send Email for Admissions Inquiry

Send Email for Admissions Inquiry

Send Email for Admissions Application

When you click on the “Email” button, you will be presented with several options including a dropdown to select a template to use, or buttons for actions items such as Compose New Email, Manage Email Templates, and See Email History:

Sending Emails from the QuickSchools Admissions Module

(Please Note: The “Select email template” will only appear if you’ve already configured at least ONE Email template. Otherwise, you’ll need to select one of the remaining 3 options). 

Compose New Email

Compose New Email from Admissions

You can use the “Compose New Email” option to simply create a brand new email, without using a template.

Manage Email Templates

Managing QuickSchools Email Templates for Admissions

You can use this menu to create, edit and use email templates. Don’t forget to use the “Insert Field” link to create auto-generated fields.

Editing Email Template in QuickSchools

See Email History

Email History from Admissions

This screen simply shows all emails sent from this module, either all emails related to Applications or emails related to Inquiries (depending on which sub-module you’re on).

Please feel free to give Admissions emailing a try and do let us know what you think! We'd love to help out if you have any questions of course :)

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