Google Calendar / Custom Calendar App

If you use Google Calendar on your website (or any other online calendar with an iFrame or JavaScript widget), you can now make it available to all your teachers, parents and students via their respective QuickSchools portals.

QuickSchools Calendar App

Share important events and dates easily and seamlessly. All you need is the code snippet to be published on your QuickSchools Account. To find this, check with your calendar service about how to publish your calendar to another site. Google Calendar users may find the following link helpful - Adding Google Calendar to your Website.

Once you have the code snippet, head to the App Store and install the Calendar app. Set yourself as being someone who is able to configure the app in the setup box that appears on your screen:

Controlling Access to the Calendar App

Then go to the App page by clicking into it from your menu bar. Click the "Configure" tab, then paste your code snippet into one of the boxes for the School-Wide, Teacher-Only, or Administrators-Only calendars. 


Your calendar will now appear 'embedded' in the Calendar link in the appropriate users' menu bars. 

Come chat with us if you have questions or would like more details.

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