Gradebook Import & Export

QuickSchools has the ability to directly import data to your QuickSchools Gradebook via Excel. You may enable it via SETTINGS > Configure Report Cards/Gradebook:

Once the import functionality is enabled, the “Import” button will appear directly on your Gradebook:

Importing Gradebook Data from Excel

When you click on “Import” you will be prompted to select an Excel file from your machine, after which you will be asked to map columns from the Excel file with fields in the QuickSchools Database. The process works very similar to importing students and teachers from Excel:


Map Gradebook Columns from Excel to QuickSchools Fields

Please note that your excel file will need to contain the following 6 fields:

  1. Student Name
  2. Column / Assignment Name
  3. Column / Assignment Date
  4. Category
  5. Marks
  6. Total Marks Possible

The final step is to simply click on the big red button labelled “Click Here to Import Data”, and you should be all set.

If you wanted to export your Gradebook data from QuickSchools in the same Excel format (if you wanted to copy columns from one term to the next, for example), you simply need to go to the “Reports” module and search for the report called “Gradebook Data (for Export)”:

Gradebook Data (For Export) Report

Gradebook Data (For Export) Report

When you export the data to Excel, you will be asked to select an appropriate academic year, term and subject:

Select Filters when Exporting Gradebook Data to Excel

Select Filters when Exporting Gradebook Data to Excel

Finally, use the Excel file as necessary, to import into other systems, or even back into QuickSchools.

Sample Gradebook Excel File

Sample Gradebook Excel File

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