Configure Parent Relationships

You can change the name of the relationship for parents and guardians in QuickSchools into something more meaningful to your school or your students' context:

Configure Parent/Guardian Relationship Names on QuickSchools

For example, you may want to use an alternate name like "Dad" instead of "Father". You can also change the language to "Father / Padre". You can delete unwanted relationships, as well as add new ones. Also, you can control the order in which these relationships by assigning an appropriate sort order to the record.

This new menu is accessible via the "Students" listing. Just click on the "Configure" button on the top right of the screen, available to School Administrators on the account:

Accessing the Configuration screen
Accessing the Configuration screen

Not also that you can also change the grade levels on the account via this new "Configure" screen. So no need to turn on "College Level Settings", although that may still be useful for turning on automatic enrollment and renaming "Homeroom" to "Advisor".

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