Advanced Subject Setup App

This App is a supplement to the Subjects module and is known as “Advanced Subject Setup”. This app is great for larger schools and schools that have multiple classes for a particular subject. Here's a look at how it works: 

Admins can try Advanced Subject Setup and install it from the App Store. It can be configured to allow certain users access to the additional menus, too.

Find this app in the App Store under School Administrator Apps

The app blends into the Subjects (or Courses) module very cleanly, so it’s easy to use alongside the main module itself.

App integrates with your current Subject/Courses module

Multiple sections are not treated as individual subjects, but are rather grouped together under one subject name.


Individual sections can be tied to specific homerooms, to make homeroom-based enrollment.

Sections are configured through the "Manage Sections" button

Students can be enrolled in some or all of the sections via the expanded advanced subject enrollment screen.

Advanced Subject enrollment enabled you to enroll students based on section name (subject abbreviation)

And from there, subject grading, report cards, and transcripts all work the same as usual. The app is a quick way to handle the question of setting up multiple classes for the same subject, without changing the way you keep your records. If you manage a large school, or a program where there are often lots of classes or meeting times for the same subject, this app is certainly worth trying.

Of course, if you have any questions or need any help, come chat with us any time. We’d be thrilled to help you set it up or test it out!


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