Course Requests for Future Terms

Getting Started

Navigating to Course Requests in Scheduler

Once students are pre-enrolled, you can get started submitting course requests for them (students who do not need to be pre-enrolled can have course requests submitted any time). 

To submit course requests, you will need to begin in the Master Scheduler. Click on the link in your menu bar, then click into the new Course Requests tab.


The Course Requests tab will bring you into a listing of Students’ course request records for the coming enrollment period.

Navigate to a Student Course Request Record in Scheduler

Once you are in the Course Requests page, you can search for a student by name. Simply click into their record to open up their Course Requests dashboard.

Navigating to Course Requests in Students Module

The same Course Request Record is available in the Students module as an additional tab.

Searching & Submitting Course Requests

Now that everything is setup, here is the process you’ll want to follow when both when meeting with students about next year’s courses and submitting requests from a file.

Search for Requests

Once you have pulled up a student’s Course Request dashboard or the Students module, you can start searching for courses for students’ pre-registration. Use the Search bar under the Available Courses header to find courses and try the Notes feature to track any additional information that arises.

Submit Requests

Simply click “Request” to add a course to a student’s request record. Use the “Toggle Alternate” button to note if a course is an alternative choice for a student, and click the “X” button to delete a request as needed.


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