Advanced Students Module List Filtering

We've introduced a number of improvements for filtering (searching) for students in the Students module. Currently, we have the following search options:

  • Search for Active and Unenrolled Students
  • Locked/Remembered Search

and now, we also have...

  • Search by Custom Report - You can build a Custom Report and filter for students on this report.

Here's a screenshot of the expanded student filtering options available:


Also, some modules (screens) have different access to the different types of advanced filtering. Here's a breakdown of filtering options by module:

Active / Unenrolled


by Custom Report

Students   Students
Transcripts   Transcripts
    Report Cards
    Schedule by Student

Of course, please feel free to try out some of these out. And if you have any questions at all, just let us know - we'd love to help out.


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