How to Setup Report Cards - Streamlined

If you liked the way your report cards looked last term, there's a very streamlined process in QuickSchools for making them again for the new term. Here are the steps for getting these report cards all setup for your teachers: 

1 – Go to “Report Cards”

2 – Click on “Setup Report Cards”

3 – Click “Create New”

4 – Give your Report Cards a descriptive name

5 – Fill in “Report Card Date”

6 – Use the dropdown menu for “Year/Semester” to select the correct term

7 – Copy the setup from a previous term by selecting term in the "Copy Setup" dropdown. Press “Ok” when you are done to create the report cards!

8 – Check your Report Cards by opening them in the “Report Cards” list

Now that your report cards are setup, your teachers should be able to go ahead and enter grades just as they did last term. Of course, please do feel free to contact us (or encourage your teachers to contact us!) if any questions arise.


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