Locking / Publishing Report Cards

Under the "Report Cards" menu, once teachers have saved all the grades for the marking period, an administrator can then lock/publish the report cards. Here's how:

Go to the "Report Cards" > "Setup Report Cards" menu, and click on the "Manage" link:

Setup Report Cards > Manage Link

This will bring up a list of marking periods for your site. You'll notice that some marking periods will be marked "Report Cards are editable", or "Report Cards are locked". Then, on the list of marking periods, simply click on "Lock Report Cards":


And that's it. Please allow 1-2 minutes for the locking to take place in the background. To verify that the report cards have been locked and published, you can open a student record (under the Students menu), scroll down and select the "Reports" tab, and see if the report card is now visible there (report cards are not visible before they are locked for the first time).

If you have questions, please contact QuickSchools technical support. Thanks!



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