Merit System App

The Merit App is a great way to build student involvement and community. This app is completely configuratable allows teachers and administrators to reward students for their good behavior. For non-district schools, the app is available in the app store:

New Merit App on App Store

(District schools - please contact QS support if you'd like to add the app to your system as well! We have a corresponding district version). 

With this app, you can allow teachers to very easily award/assign Merit Items with preset points (both Positive and Negative):

Teachers can assign Merits to students

As an administrator, you can configure the following:

  • list of Merit Items and their corresponding positive/negative points
  • total number of merit items that can be awarded/assigned to a student on any given day
  • total number of merit points that can be applied to a student on any given day
  • initial number of points (starting points) for students at the beginning of the term
  • point floor (i.e. Merit Points can never go below the point floor for each student)


Configure the Merits App for your Teachers

Configure the Merits App for your Teachers

Some other notable features:

  • Teachers can only delete merit items on the day they are awarded / applied. Administrators can remove merit items at any time
  • Total Merit Points are published to the parent portal on a weekly basis. This is to avoid confusion to parents, arising from minor adjustments to merits that may occur during the week.
  • Teachers can print out a report showing total merit points for each student
  • All merit data is reportable on the Report Creator

Print/Download Reports on Total Merit Points for each Student

Do let us know if you have any other suggestions for improvement. We hope you like this new app!

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