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The QuickSchools Online Forms app contains Email Templates that you can set up for multiple scenarios. The templates themselves support auto-filled fields based on what the user has filled into your Online Form. You can even configure an auto-respond notification email when a form is submitted.

To get started, go to a particular Form Packet's "Configure Forms" section look for the Email Templates area:

Configure Email Templates on QuickSchools

Configure Email Templates on QuickSchools

You can use the “Email Templates” button to manage the different types of templates. Be sure to check off the “Send notification email” box for the auto-respond emails. Then click on “Configure notification email” to set up the email that will be sent out. Here’s the Email Template that will pop-up:

Set Up Email Template in QuickSchools

Fill in the email details, including the “To” and “From” fields (“CC” and “BCC” fields are optional). You can select multiple recipients. And you can use the “Insert Field” link to add auto-filled fields as well:

Insert Field into Email Template in QuickSchools

The list of auto-filled fields is dynamically generated based on the custom fields you create for your forms. The only exception is the “Submitter Email” field, since it corresponds to the email of the parent/student who accesses the form from either the Parent Portal or the Student Portal. The “Submitter Email” field will not work when the form is filled from a public page. So be sure to only use this field for the appropriate form/scenario.

Please do feel free to use this feature and let us know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks! 

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