Student Self Sign-In / Sign-Out

The “Student Sign-In / Sign-Out” app supports direct sign in/out by students, via a PIN. 

Updated Student Sign-In / Sign Out App

Updated Student Sign-In / Sign Out App

To setup this app, first install it from the QuickSchools App Store.  When configuring the app, decide between (1) Students signing in themselves or (2) Parents signing in their children. Chose Options #1 if you would like to grant PINs to Students for signing themselves in:


Once configured, the screens work virtually the same as the Parent sign-in version. An admin will need to launch the Kiosk mode so on a dedicated machine and students will need to be given their PIN number to sign themselves in and out. Students simply needs to enter their PIN to the Kiosk and click "Enter" 


Sign In as Student into the App

Once the PIN number is submitted, the student can verify the current sign-in entry and confirm.

If students have already signed in, when they re-enter their pin to the kiosk, students will be prompted to confirm Sign-Out:

Verify Sign-In / Sign-Out Record

A final pop-up will appear to show the updated entry:

Confirm Sign-In / Sign-Out

As an administrator, you can use the “Student PINS” menu to Generate and View PINS for students.

Manage PINs for Students

All the other parts of the app should work the same as the classic parent sign-in version of the app, including generating reports:

Generate Reports on Students Signing In and Out

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!




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