Parent Sign-In / Sign-Out

The Sign-In/Sign-Out App has a version that allows parents (or others) to be assigned a PIN which they can use to sign in their students. Here's how to use it!  

Manage PIN for Parents Signing in Students

PIN numbers are unique to each parent. And the administrator for the app can generate/view PIN numbers as necessary. Once the PIN numbers are communicated to parents, parents can then sign in their children using the appropriate screen.

Screen for parents to Sign-In/Sign-Out students

The idea here is that the school would make a terminal available on site for the parent to sign in. This can be any internet-enabled device, including tablets and the iPad. Once the screen is enabled, it occupies the entire screen (i.e. full screen mode), the parent will only be able to sign in their children using a PIN (no other functions are available to the parent).


Parents can Sign Students In

Once the PIN number is entered, the parents can then select one or more of their children, and click on “Sign-In” to sign the students in. The system will keep track of the sign-in times.

Parents can Sign Students Out

Likewise, when signing students out, the parent simply enters his/her PIN number, and the parent can then sign out his/her students.

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