Montessori Assessment App

For Montessori schools and preschools that wish to track students' mastery of their skills and content areas, the Montessori Assessment app may be very helpful. The system allows you to manages content areas covered as well as students' level of mastery each time they were presented with an opportunity to practice.

Here’s an example of what the Montessori Assessment App can record for any particular student:

Montessori Assessment in QuickSchools

Montessori Assessment in QuickSchools

  1. Record progress / observations on specific work goals / objectives. This includes the level of progress (Presented, Practiced of Mastered) as well as when the observation was made. You can even add comments.
  2. You can also add general notes independent of the work list.

To install the app, just go the App Store, and review/install the Montessori Assessment App:

Montessori Assessment App

Montessori Assessment App


When you first access the app, there are no Work Sets defined. Because Work Sets are the groups of skills and information that students are taught, the system will ask you to configure your work sets first.

Getting Started with Montessori

First, go to the “Montessori Assessment” > “Setup” menu and create a new Work Set, by clicking on the “Add New Work Set” button. Simply enter the name and description of the Work Set:

Montessori Work Sets

Once you’ve created a work set, you can then start adding goals or objectives (labelled as “Work”) into the Work Set. Just click on the “Add Work” button. You can also edit existing Work as well:

Montessori Goals / Objectives

Once you’ve completed the setup, you can go back to the “Montessori Assessment” > “Assessment” menu to start making assessments. You begin by selecting a subject, and then select a Work Set for that subject (Remember that a subject can only be linked to a single Work Set):

Assigned Montessori Work Set to Subject

Finally, you can click on a student, and start making assessments. Just click on any of the available buttons:

Start Assessing Students using the Montessori Method

The Montessori Assessment is a fairly new addition, so please let us know if you have any questions and what future improvements you’d like to see. 

Also, as a quick note, the Standards Based Gradebook may also be a good fit for Montessori school teachers, especially ones who are instructing older students. 

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