Overview of the Standards Based Gradebook

The QuickSchools Standards Based Gradebook is comprehensive framework for standards-based grading. As an entirely re-imagined way to do grading, there are tons of options and features available to explore. Here's a look at all three main components. 

Standards-Based Gradebook

The "SB Gradebook" is designed to give teachers and administrators an at-a-glance view of students’ performance for each standard taught in class. Not only does it automatically average students’ grades for a standard by using a formula that schools can choose and configure, but it also has a colorful display that is great for highlighting notable standards or students’ grades. Here’s a look at a sample Gradebook.

SB Gradebook

There’s a lot going on in this concise gradebook view! Not only can any class be configured to use custom standards, but each and every gradebook has lots of powerful features. Here are some of the highlights….

  • Customizable Choice of Standards
  • Unlimited assessments
  • Customizable Grading Category Weighting
  • Automatic averages grades for each standard
  • Configurable Overall Average formula
  • Automatic Overall Average Calculation
  • Color Coding
  • Analytics of Student & Class Success


Class & Student Analytics

Not only does it help manage grades, but the SB Gradebook has a neat tool for seeing on all different levels how the whole class is progressing. The “Run Analysis” button opens up an information page with key analytics.

Analysis 1

The Class Averages section of the analysis shows a histogram of how many students are scoring within each performance level. It is very helpful for getting a feel on how the class is doing as a whole unit.

Analysis 2


The Weakest Standards page shows a list of which standards are the most difficult for students in the class and how individual students are performing on them. This tool is great for highlighting areas for improvement, and showing whether one or two students need more help, or the class needs more teaching in this area as a whole.

Analysis 3

The Class Ranking chart allows teachers to see easily each student’s mastery levels. Because it sorts by overall grade, it’s great for indicating if the class is more or less at the same level, or if there is a wide range of current skill levels. 

In addition to the class-level analytics, each student’s name is a link to their own information page about their performance on each standard.

Student View

The student-level page allows teachers to see how their students are doing on each standard, how many times they have been assessed, and each and every grade.

Customizable Standards Setup

Just like the main Gradebook system in QuickSchools, the SBG system is designed to be fully configurable. Score calculations, overall grade calculations, and the masterly levels can all be changed to suit your school. Because they can be entered by hand or by import, standards are fully customizable. In addition, the standards’ descriptions and url are stored alongside the code for easy reference. Once the standards entered,  each teacher can pick their class’ standards from within the SB Gradebook.

Setup Standards


We hope the Standards-Based Gradebook and it’s connected Standards tracking system will help simplify grading. If QS SBG looks like it might be helpful for any of the classes at your school, please chat in and let us know! We’d love to help you turn it on from the App Store as well as configure it just the way you like. Of course, we’d love to hear your feedback for future improvements to the system as well.

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