Searchable Custom Fields

Custom Fields in the Students module (and a few other locations throughout QuickSchools) have configuration options be set as 'searchable' or 'displayable'. When fields are 'searchable' it means you can allow your Search bar in the Students module to return results of specific students' records based on the information you include in one of the custom fields. 'Displayable' fields simply appear with the data saved for each student on the main Students listing. Fields may be searchable and/or displayable. 

If you decide to display only one of your custom fields, the name of the custom field will appear on that table header:

Display ONE Custom Field in Students listingDisplay ONE Custom Field in Students listing

If you decide to display 2 or more custom fields, in order to save space, all fields will appear under the same column. We recommend only allowing a few important / frequently used custom fields to be displayed on the main screen:

Display Multiple Custom Fields in Students listingDisplay Multiple Custom Fields in Students listing

To define which custom fields are displayed, and which custom fields to be included in the search, you’ll need to configure the Custom Fields for the Students listing.

Essentially, once you've clicked on “Configure Form”, you’ll see an updated screen that looks like this:

Configure Custom Fields to Display and Search byConfigure Custom Fields to Display and Search by

You can then specify which fields are included in the search (via the “Search” column), and which fields to display in the main table (via the “Display” column). For performance reasons, there is currently a limit of 3 search fields 3 display fields, but this may change in the future.

Please do let us know if you find this feature useful, or if you have suggestions for further improvement.

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