Configuring Family Billing

When you have multiple students from a family at your school, it may be convenient to use the Family Billing option. This system allows you to designate a student's parent/guardian as a designated person ("primary payer") who will be in charge of paying that student and their siblings'/linked relatives' school costs and fees. If you allow Viewing/Paying Fees through the Parent Portal, primary payers will have fee tracking records available in their Parent Portals 

Enabling Family Billing

From the main menu, click SETTINGS > TURN FEATURES ON/OFF and make sure School Fees Tracking is checked:

Click Configure then check the "Turn on family billing" checkbox:

Setting Primary Payers

When you open a student record, you can now set multiple Primary Payers (if Family Billing is enabled):

New Fee Tracking with Multiple Primary Payers
New Fee Tracking with Multiple Primary Payers

Designating Familes

When you have multiple primary payers for students, you can designate how to address the payer. So for example, you could say “The DeSilva Family” or “Mr. and Mrs. DeSilva”. Simply click the "Edit Family Info" link to change this label:

New Fee Tracking Family Designation
A dialog box will appear and you can manually edit the Family Name or select from the Primary Payer dropdown to select the name of one of the primary payers.
New Fee Tracking Family Designation


If you have any questions on family billing, just let us know! 


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