Approve Me App

Approve Me is essentially a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) App, where users can post requests from their QuickSchools portal. It can be installed from the App Store.

Approve Me: App Store Profile

Users have the option to "Add Request" from their Portals, as allowed (admins can configure who is able to view the Approve Me app). 

List of Requests on Approve Me

Status changes will depending on the current status of the request as well as who is accessing the request. Users can submit requests to the school and manage their requests. Administrators can manage requests, change statuses, and add comments. 

When editing a request, status changes depends on user and current status

Requests can also be accepted or rejected by an administrator. Accepted requests can be worked on and completed. Once completed, the originating requester can close the request. Status changes and comments are noted as the request moves its way through the resolution process.

New => Accepted => Completed => Closed

Here are some sample scenarios for using the Request App:

  • Leave / Vacation Request
  • Acquisition Request (for new equipment)
  • Request for Refund, Discount or Financial Aid
  • Complaint Submission and Resolution

Please feel free to try out the Approve Me app and let us know if you have any questions or concerns! 

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