Parent Private Messaging & Contact Directory

Quickschools has separate access for Parents to view contact info and send Private Messages to Teachers and to other Parents. This is all controlled via the Features page in the Parent Portal "Configure" section:

And if you do decide to allow parents to send Private Messages to other parents, this actually becomes our new Parent Directory feature:

Parent Directory on QuickSchools

Notice that with this new feature, Parents can specify which contact info can be shared with other parents, whether it’s an email address, telephone number of address:

Setting Directory Preferences or Opting In/Out
Individual parents can also opt out completely from the Parent Directory, which will disallow other parents from contacting them via Private Messaging.

We hope this new feature will alleviate the need for a published Parent Directory (which is typically done via Mail Merge), since parents will now have the most accurate contact information available via the Parent Portal. Let us know if you have any questions! 


Document 18MR01015R

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