About the Attendance Snapshot App

This app gives you an at-a-glance visual summary of all students' attendance for a specific day and is available for installation in the App Store “School Apps section”. Admins can configure who has access to the app, since it shows attendance data for all students in the school regardless of class or grade-level.

The Attendance Snapshot app is available in the App Store

The app’s display is structured like a spreadsheet and supports up to 10 scheduled periods from daily, subject-based, period-based, and rotating attendance. Before the day starts, the attendance is blank…

Use the dynamic display to check if students' attendance has been submitted and what the records show

...but as the day continues, it fills up with the attendance information.

See patterns in student attendance such as if students are having a difficult time getting in on time, or if students have left and returned

Users can see the information throughout the current day, as well look back to previous days. The visual view makes it very easy to to check attendance for students, as well as get a sense of patterns in students’ attendance. As such, the app is a great tool to complement the powerful Attendance Reports.

We hope this app helps with checking attendance to see how student are doing! If it looks like it might be good for your school, feel free test it out. Come chat in if you have any questions or comments!

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