Lunchroom App

The Lunchroom app is a fantastic way to track student lunches and lunch payments. Separate from the Fee Tracking module, Lunchroom is tailored to the needs of a school cafeteria.

Lunchroom supports tracking different lunches and extra items, entering fees based on lunch items, and resetting the balance at the end of semester or rolling it over to the next term. After parents send the school a payment for lunchroom purchases, the payment can be added directly to the student’s record, and a complete history is also visible from within the app.

Main lunch offerings can be configured in one of the menus and then quickly added to the student’s record.

Additional items can even be managed, so as to give a more accurate picture of what a student has bought.

When a student orders lunch, their specific order can be added to their account, and the app tallies the balance.

At the end of semester, the school can choose to archive previous orders, and either roll over the balance or start it again at zero.

Feel free to test out the app. And as always, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to come in and chat!

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