Report Cards Subject-Based Grading Screen

The Subject-Based grading screen is designed to make entering a class’ worth of grades and comments quickly and efficiently. Not only can you configure the screen to your liking with Subject-Specific Criteria or Standards, but also when we create a custom template, we can make all sorts of special grading and comment fields available in the Subject-Based grading screen.

To use the Subject-Based Grading Screen…

1 - Go to to to the Report Cards module

2 - Select the “Subject-Based” tab

3 - Select the teacher name & class

Now, you’ll be at the Subject-Based grading screen! Depending on how your Report Cards are configured or customized, the screen might look a bit different. Subject-Specific Criteria will appear in the Subject-Based grading screen, and depending on the Report Card template, the screen will be configured differently as well. In addition, if your template draws marks and grades from the Gradebook, these will already appear on the screen, and if your template has room for comments, there will be space for these as well. 

Of course, if you need any help or would like to request any customizations, feel free to chat us anytime! :)

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