Setting up Subjects and Enrollment

Setting up subjects is prerequisite for students' subject enrollment. This is also required before teachers can enter grades in the Gradebook and before they can take students' attendance (i.e., if school is using subject-based attendance).

This document will show you how to:

Subjects doesn't initially appear as one of the tabs. To enable Subjects tab, you'd have to enable the Report Cards/Gradebook module. Click SETTINGS, then check the box across Report Cards/Gradebook as shown below:

Subjects will then show up as one of the tabs on top:

Adding Subjects

1. Go to Subjects > Subject Setup tab

2. Select the teacher from the drop-down box; enter the subject name, abbreviation, credit hours, and the grade level of the subject - then click the "Add Subject" button: The subject will then appear in the subject table under the same tab:Notice that all the 2nd grade students were automatically enrolled to the subject. To un-enroll students from the subjects, just click on the link under ENROLLMENT column and remove the students accordingly.

Editing a Subject

To edit the subject, click the “Edit” button across the subject. You’ll be able to change subject information, as well as add another subject teacher or change the subject teacher.

To change the subject teacher, click [X] next to existing teacher’s name, then enter the name of the new teacher. To add a teacher, enter the teacher’s name in the text box, then click on the teacher’s name as it appears in the list.

Deleting a Subject

To delete a subject, you have to unenroll the students from the subject first. After doing so, simply click the Delete button across the subject.

By default, all teachers can add their own subjects and enroll students to their subjects via Subject Setup tab. If you want to disable this capability, please send us an email at

Subject Enrollment

To manage students subject enrollment, go to Subjects > Subject Enrollment tab:

You just have to check/uncheck the boxes below the subject columns to enroll or unenroll students from the subjects.

You may also enroll students from another grade. Enter the name of the student in the text box, then click the student’s name as it shows up in the list:

The student will then be added to the student list:

Global Subject Setup

Global Subject Setup is only available for administrators. It gives visibility to all subjects in the system. You may also add, edit, and delete subjects through this tab - as well as manage subject enrollment and change assigned teacher/s.

As stated in the screenshot, selecting a previous semester from the Semester drop-down box will show the subjects for that selected semester. You may also add/edit/delete subjects, edit student enrollment, and change subject teacher as needed.

So basically, everything you can do via Subject Setup and Subject Enrollment tabs can also be done via Global Subject Setup. So if you’re an administrator, you would preferably work on this tab.

What's Next

Once you're done setting up subjects and enrolling students to their subjects, teachers can start entering grades in the Gradebook. Each subject will have its own Gradebook. And when you create a report card, the students will have their appropriate subjects displayed. 

You can also start setting up schedules and subject-based attendance. 



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