Scheduled Emails (Beta)

In the Report Creator, you have the ability to setup up scheduled emails based on a report that you create. You can set this up under the Report Creator tab by clicking the View/Edit Scheduled Emails link:

There are two options when setting up scheduled emails:

Email as Attachment: Report will be sent as an attachment to a specified list of users. [NOTE: With this option, emails can only be sent to teachers/staff.]

Email using Template: An email will be sent to all recipients in the report using the selected Form Template.

Please see the instructions below on how to set each of these options up.

Scheduled Email - Email as Attachment

If you choose to use this option, your first step is to select/create the report that you want to email as an attachment. Once your report is ready you can add your scheduled email.

Go to the “View/Edit Scheduled Emails” link and click “Schedule Email”. Select the “Email as Attachment” option. Choose the report that you would like to be sent as an attachment and the recipients who will get the report.

You must also select the format that you want the report to be sent out as. You have two options: Excel or CSV. Then set the date and time that you want the email to go out on.

If you check the “Repeat” checkbox you can choose to have the email go out every day or every weekday:

Once you click Add you should see a pop-up like the one below notifying you that the email has been scheduled:

To confirm that the email was scheduled successfully go back to the Scheduled Emails screen. There you will see a list of all your scheduled emails:

Once the email is sent the Result will change from “Pending” to “Sent”.

Email Using Template

If you choose this option your first step is to choose/create the report that contains the list of recipients you need. Once your report is ready you need to add the Email Template that you want to be sent to the recipients in the report.

To do this open the report you want to use and then click the Email button:

Click on “Manage Email Templates”:

Click the “Add Email Template” button to add a new one. When setting up your email you can use placeholders where the system will auto-fill data into the email based on fields from the report. To use placeholders click on the “Insert Field” link. There you will see a list of placeholders based on the fields in the report.

You can use as many placeholders as you would like:

Once your report and email template have been set up, go to Reports> Report Creator > View/Edit Scheduled Emails link in order to set up your scheduled email. Click the “Schedule Email” button.

Select the report you have created. Then choose “Email using Template” and  select the email template that you created:

Set the date and time for the email to be sent and click “Add”. You will see your sent and pending emails under the Scheduled Emails screen. Once the emails have been sent you will see the status change from Pending to Succeeded under the Results column:

Click “View” to see details:

The View/Edit Scheduled Emails link is not enabled by default in your account. Please send us an email request if you need this enabled.






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