Setting up Subject-based Attendance

Subject-based attendance allows teachers to take attendance per subject. Before setting up subject-based attendance, please make sure that you have already created your subjects in Quickschools. Please click here for instruction on how to set up subjects.

1. To enable Attendance module, go to SETTINGS > check the box across Attendance.

Click Configure next to the checkbox to do the following:

  • Check the box next to “We take attendance multiple times per day”
  • Enter the users/role who will configure the periods

2. Go to Attendance > Attendance Settings > set the grade level that will use Subject-based attendance; also enter the number of periods per day:

3. Click the Configure link next to a grade level (9th grade in this example) to set the schedule of subjects:

4. Click the Click to configure link to specify the subject in a period for a specific day:

In the screenshot above, History will be the subject in Period 1 of Monday. Note that you can enter multiple subjects for each period. Repeat the steps above to complete the timetable:

Repeat steps 3-4 for the remaining grade levels so they’ll be set up with subject-based attendance as well. Once done, the teachers should be able to take subject-based attendance - assuming that students have already been enrolled to their subjects.

How will teachers take attendance?

When a teacher logs in to Quickschools, he/she will be able to take subject-based attendance by going to Attendance tab and clicking the Take Attendance button:

Notice that Period 2 above is grayed out. It means the teacher cannot take attendance in Period 2 because she’s not teaching any subject during that period.



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