Setting Up Period-Based Attendance

On the Attendance Settings page, you can configure the type of attendance for each grade in the school; it can be taken daily, by period, or by subject. Period-based attendance is attendance taken multiple times per day in the homeroom class.

1. To enable Attendance module, go to SETTINGS > check the box across Attendance.

Click Configure next to the checkbox to do the following:

  • Check the box next to “We take attendance multiple times per day”
  • Enter the users/role who will configure the periods

2. Go to Attendance > Settings > set the grade level that will use Period-based attendance. Selecting this for a grade will open a series of boxes in the settings grid so that you can designate how many times per day attendance should be taken by the homeroom teacher.

You must enter the number "1" or a greater in the box for each day, regardless of whether or not it is a school day. Attempting to enter a value of zero or leaving a box blank will result in the following error message:

For weekend days and other non-school days, put "1" in the box and simply do not take attendance. Entering a number greater than one will result in the appearance of multiple period tabs on the Homeroom Attendance page, corresponding to the number of periods entered for that day. In the above example, the settings indicate that attendance will be taken two times daily from Monday to Friday.


Taking attendance on a Wednesday, then, results in the appearance of two period tabs on the Homeroom Attendancepage, as shown:


This is useful when you wish to document partial day absences, or track attendance specifically in one period of the day.




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