How to Change / Add Grade Levels

Quickschools allows you to edit the default grade levels which are Kindergarten - 12th Grade. This would be useful for non-K12 schools or for those who use different grade level names.

The default grade levels in system are Kindergarten - 12th Grade:

To add or change the grade level names, go to Students tab and click on Configure link. 

Go to GRADE SETUP section, click the Add New Grade button to add a new grade level, or click a grade level to edit it:

You may edit the grade level name and abbreviation, or you may just delete it as needed. For example, if your school is an elementary school offering Kinder to Grade 5, you may just delete 6th-12th Grade levels from the table.

This window also allows you to edit the total capacity of the class - which is the number of students that the grade level can accommodate.

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