Managing Student Portal (for Admins)

Students are able to have their own access to their school information in Quickschools. In order for students to use the portal, they must be given access. Inviting them for Quickschools access allows them to access their grades, homework, schedule, etc.


Activating the Student Portal

The student portal must be turned on by the administrator of the school. To activate Student Portal: click SETTINGS at the menu bar > mark the checkbox across Student Portal:

Click the Configure link to customize your student portal. In this configuration window, you can decide which users can manage student invites. Enter the name of the user or role in the text box shown below:

To remove a user from the list, simply click [X] next to the name. Click Save to keep the settings.

Inviting Students

To invite students, go to Student Portal tab. The list of students will appear together with their invitation status:

Note that email address is required for the students to be invited for Quickschools access.

Click the Invite button to send invitation email to the student. For those without email address, click the “Add email” link next to the student’s name to enter his/her email address.

Once you have invited a student, the Invite button will change to Reinvite:

To invite multiple students at once, mark the checkbox next to the student names, click the upper left box of the table, then click the “INVITE SELECTED STUDENTS”:

The students you have invited will then receive an email with instruction on how to log in to Quickschools. Click here for our Student Portal guide for students.

Customizing the invitation

To customize the email invitation being sent to students, click the “Click here” link above the Search box:

Change the editable texts to customize your message then click Save.

How to un-invite students

If for some reason you need to remove the login privileges for a student, click on the Revoke login link next to the students email. A pop-up box will appear asking you to verify your request.


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