Load Students

This article explains how to load students into sections that have been scheduled using functions under Step 5. 

Before you begin scheduling this screen will look something like the image below:

Once you have added course requests for students and scheduled sections onto your schedule board under Step 4 you will see something like the screen below:

If you click the green down arrow next to a students name you will see details on their course requests as well as a view of where the courses have been scheduled in the schedule board:

Overview of Functions

Load Students: Assigns students to remaining unassigned courses based on course requests. Currently assigned sections will remain the same.

Clear: Clears all section assignments for all unlocked students. Sections for locked students will remain the same.

Clear and Reload Students: Reassign all sections for all unlocked students. Only sections for locked students will remain the same.

Optimize: Re-assign sections for students with incomplete section assignments ONLY if it allows the student to be assigned to additional sections.

Minimize Rejections: Clear and Load ONLY students who are NOT FULLY assigned to ALL course requests, using the predefined Schedule Algorithm.

Options: Allows you to control the scheduling algorithm

Create Save Point: Allows you to save the section assignments as they currently are, so that you can make changes to the board and then restore it to its previous state if necessary.

Restore Save Point: Allows you to restore a save point you created using “Create Save Point”

If you click the green down arrow next to a student's name you can see their section assignments:


Scheduling Algorithm

Before you begin loading students into sections you must setup your scheduling algorithm. By default the algorithm is set as following:

You can reorder the sequence as needed. If there is a conflict when scheduling students the system will notify you with a red “Conflict” warning:


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