Homework Guide for Teachers

This article offers detailed instructions on accessing the Homework Module, assigning, editing, deleting, and searching homework. 

Accessing Homework

Access the Homework Module by choosing "Homework" link at top of page. The Homework page shows an overview of homework that has been assigned and are listed in numerical order by grade then alphabetical by subject.



Add New Homework Assignment

Click the (+) Add/Edit Notes link next to subject name to open the list of homework. Click Add Note button to add a new homework.


The pop up box should appear displaying an area to enter new homework assignment that looks like this:


Fill in the description, assignment date and due date. You can attach multiple files or remove incorrectly attached files by clicking the [X] mark. Click Addbutton to save new homework assignment.

The table should now show the newly added homework like this:



Editing and Deleting Homework Assignments

Click on the Edit button to open the Edit Note dialog box.


Changes may be made to Description, Assigned Date, and Due Date. Remember to click the Save button to keep any changes made. Attachments can be added and/or deleted directly from the homework list.



Homework assignments may also be deleted. Once deleted they will automatically be removed from student and parent portal. 


Choosing the Delete button will prompt a second chance question to delete. Choose Yes, Delete button as shown below to delete assignment.


Adding/Editing an Attachment

Attachments can be added and deleted by clicking the appropriate links. 


When deleting files, the link will give you options to delete individually or all files.


Using the Search Option

Searching for homework assignments can be done either through search box or date range. To search homework assignments for specific wording, enter text in search box. Homework assignments can also be searched by Date Assigned or Due Date by clicking on the gray triangle in the search box. Simply enter dates and click on the Search button.


Notification in Parent Portal/Student Portal

When parents or students log in, they will immediately see their homework at a glance.

  • Homework Assigned - This shows homework assigned in the last two days.
  • Homework Due - This shows homework due in two days.


Alternatively, the students can check the posted homework assignments by clicking the View Complete Record link > Homework tab.




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