How to Embed Inquiries and Applications on your Website

There are actually 2 forms that you can set up:

  1. Manually input form (see Admissions Module Guide) - used by school staff to manually input inquiries/applications.
  2. Embedded form - embedded Inquiries or Applications forms on your website for external inquirers and applicants.

Publishing the forms on your own website allows users who visits your website to submit an inquiry or application form. These submitted forms can then be viewed and managed in your Admissions module. To match the manually input form and the embedded form on your website, you’ll have to configure both screens like selecting which built-in fields to show (Application form only) and adding the same custom fields. Please note that the configuration of the embedded forms for Inquiries and Applications are located in separate screens.

To configure and embed Inquiries, go to “Admissions” > “Inquiries” tab and click on the link after “Would you like to embed an inquiry form on your school website?”.

Embed Inquiries page


We recommend starting with the “Easy Embed” option, which is really just a single line of code to be added to your website. The screen will allow you do several things as illustrated above:

  • Define additional custom fields (using the new Module-Based Custom Fields)
  • Customize a confirmation email message to be sent to the inquirer
  • Configure additional recipients to be notified of new inquiry submissions
  • Preview the form before using it


If you want full control over the form, you can use the Advanced Embed option. But you’ll need good working knowledge of web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.), in order to manipulate it properly.

The difference with the Applications module, this widget allows you to use the built-in student information fields and transfer the  information to the student module after enrollment. For parent information, you would need to add these on the Custom Fields section. To embed Applications, go to “Admissions” > “Applications” tab and click on the link after “Would you like to embed an application form on your school website?”.

Embed Applications page

You can also allow applicants to upload documents. To finalize the form, add custom fields, customize the confirmation message and enter notification email recipients.

Custom fields previously added to the main Inquiries and Application forms will need to be re-added, and vice versa, the custom fields from the embed page should also be available in the main Application form as well as on the student record under Custom Fields tab. If not, the submitted information will not be transferred properly to your Quickschools account. Also, be careful of putting extra spaces on the field names, they should exactly be the same on both screens.

Note: It is advisable to create a new custom field instead of editing the existing custom fields that you have previously created to avoid conflicts with already submitted forms.


After finalizing the form, copy the JavaScript code to your website.

It is advisable to test and submit the forms before making it public to avoid issues in the future.

If setting this up is too difficult or you prefer to use the Advanced Embed option, please come chat with us and we’d be happy to help.




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