Roster (CSV) for Apple School Manager

This app allows you to export CSV files in a format intended for Apple School Manager. Unlike regular reports, these CSV files contain database IDs, which are typically hidden from users. If you would like to access the reports, please contact us by sending us an email at

To configure who can run the Roster CSV, go to the App Store > My Apps > look for ‘Roster (CSV) for Apple School Manager’ then click Configure.




On the configuration pop-up box, enter the users or roles who will be able to access the reports.



Once enabled for a user, a list of custom reports will appear under the

Reports > Summary Reports.

  • Apple School Manager 1: Locations
  • Apple School Manager 2: Staff
  • Apple School Manager 3: Students
  • Apple School Manager 4: Courses
  • Apple School Manager 5: Classes (Sections)
  • Apple School Manager 6: Rosters

Click on the report to view and export it to CSV.


We are still improving this feature. Feedback is much appreciated!

If you would like to have CSV files sent automatically to an external system (like Apple School Manager) via SFTP, please contact us. In many cases, we can build this technology on a per school basis.  




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