Removing Resigned Teachers

In Quickschools, we recommend marking teachers as resigned instead of deleting them. This ensures that subjects and grades are still accessible even after the teacher has left.

Removing Resigned Teachers

To remove a teacher who have left the school, open the teacher record and select “Teacher has resigned” from the Actions button.

Resigning teacher from the teacher record

Enter the resignation date and comments from the Teacher resignation pop-up box. Both fields are mandatory which means the action cannot be completed if blank. If the teacher has an active login, you can choose to revoke her access by ticking the check box. This will automatically prevent her from accessing her account and is recommended for security purposes. Click Resign button to continue.


Resignation information

Finally, confirm the action by clicking the OK button.

Resignation confirmation


Searching for Resigned Teachers

To search for resigned teachers, simply click the inverted triangle located on the Search box and select “Show resigned teachers”.

Searching with Advanced search option

Reinstating Resigned Teachers

To reinstate a resigned teacher, follow the instructions on searching resigned teachers, open the teacher record and select “Reinstate this teacher” from the Actions button.

Reinstate teacher from the teacher record




Teachers Administrator

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