How to Zero Out Outstanding Balances in Fee Tracking

1. Go to Reports > generate the “Outstanding Balances by Student (For Export)” report > export to Excel.

2. Open the Excel file and remove Column A and Rows 1 & 2 so that the header and first row of the table is placed on Cell A1.

3. Add columns for Fee Type, Fee Date, and Description.

To zero out a positive outstanding balance, the Fee Type should be labeled as “Payment”, while for negative balance, the Fee Type should be labeled as “Charge”. The negative balance should be converted to a positive value. See student Pratt, Ellen above as example. If you do not want to zero out the negative balance, simply delete the rows.

4. Save the file and import to the Fee Tracking module.

NOTE: If the Import button is not available on your Fee Tracking module, please email us at to request for it.

Map the fields accordingly:

5. After import, open each billing and click the “Auto allocate” button to allocate the imported payments. Charges with previous excess payments will also need to be allocated.

6. Refresh the Fee Tracking page to update the latest changes. Outstanding balances should now reflect as 0.00.

7. Go back to Reports and run the “Outstanding Balances by Student (For Export)” report again to confirm if all outstanding balances were zeroed out.

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