Google Classroom Integration

QuickSchools provides integration with different Learning Management System (LMS). This eases the process of managing and transferring the grades from the LMS to your QuickSchools account.

This article will help you connect your QuickSchools account with Google Classroom, allowing you to synchronize the data between the QuickSchools Gradebook and Google Classroom.


Connection Setup

Go to

Create Project

Click on “Select a project” and then click ”NEW PROJECT” on the top right:


Give the project a name like “Google Classroom Integration” and click “CREATE”.


Enable Google Classroom Library

Go to Libraries, and search for “Classroom” to find the “Google Classroom API” library:


Click on the “Google Classroom API” library, and then click on “ENABLE”:


Create API Key

Go to “Credentials”, click on “Create Credentials” and select “OAuth Client ID” from the dropdown list:


Click “Configure consent screen”:



Give the application a name like “QS Integration”:


Add “” to the “Authorized domains” list. Be sure to press Enter to complete the add process.

Finally, click on “Save” at the bottom of the screen.

Now go back to the Credentials screen > click “Create Credentials” > select OAuth client ID


Select “Web application” as the application type:

Add the following entries to the “Authorized redirect URIs”, and replace “<SCHOOLCODE>” with the school code for your QuickSchools account. Don’t forget to press Enter in order to complete the add process:

  • http://<SCHOOLCODE><SCHOOLCODE>&app=GoogleClassroom
  • https://<SCHOOLCODE><SCHOOLCODE>&app=GoogleClassroom

Finally click “Create”. You will be presented with your OAuth Client ID and secret key:


Copy the API Key to the Google Classrooms App on your QuickSchools account:

Click on “Connect” to test the connection. This will prompt you to log into Google.

There will be a separate article on how to synchronize your gradebooks once a valid connection has been established.


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