Subject-Based Lesson Plans App

With Subject-Based Lesson Plans you can create lesson plans which are directly linked to courses under each academic term. In the classic Lesson Plans module, under the Athena plan, you can create Lesson Plan Sets which can be applied to multiple courses across different semesters. 

Subject-Based Lesson Plans work similar to the Gradebook module. Simply select a subject that you’re teaching, and you can then immediately add/edit the lessons for this subject. In addition, lesson plans are also automatically archived when the term ends. 

Under Lesson Plans you will see three different tabs: Lesson Plans, By Month & Print Lesson Plans:


Lesson Plans 

Under this tab you will see a list view of all of your lesson plans in order by date. You can use the "Add Daily Lesson Plan" button to add a new entry. When adding a new entry you will need to enter the date, title, summary and homework:



Once you click add the lesson plan will show in your list so that you can attach files and post homework:


Attached files will be copied over to the Homework module along with homework notes:


The system will keep a history of when homework gets copied over under the Post-to-Homework History column.

By Month Tab

Allows you to see lesson plans that have been added in a monthly view, from this screen you can click on any date to add a lesson plan for that date:


You can also drag and drop the lesson around to a different day, and right click to edit the lesson. Once the Lesson Plan is added it will appear under the main Lesson Plans screen:


Under the By Month screen you can also post homework, the history will be tracked under the Lesson Plans tab.


You will also see a Copy Lesson Plans button:



This function allows you to copy lesson plans that you have added to other courses or other academic terms. Select the term and subject to see lesson plans that can be copied, then select the lessons you want to copy and edit the "Start Date" for when you would like the first lesson in the selected set to appear on your calendar for the currently active term. The remaining lessons will copy in after the first lesson on days that correspond to their original distance away from the first lesson.

Once all looks good to you, click the "Copy" button to confirm the copy. The Calendar then is autofilled with your copied-forward lessons:


Once you check the box and click "Copy" the lesson plan will appear under the list for the current subject:


Just a quick review, below are the steps to follow to copy lesson plans over:

  1. Select the semester for the archived lesson plans you want to copy into the current term
  2. Select the subjects’ lessons you want to copy forward. Any subject from any grade can be migrated into your current term.
  3. Set a start date for the lessons – the lessons will copy forward in the same sequence as in the archive, starting on the day of the start date
  4. Confirm copy
  5. Drag-and-drop and edit lessons for the new term as you see fit


Print Lesson Plans

Print quick PDFs of your lesson plans. Filter by date, date range or course:



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