Copy grades from one gradebook to another

Quickschools allows teachers to copy grades from one gradebook to another. This could be helpful if a teacher needs to merge gradebooks, or if a student moves to another class.

Scenario: Teacher needs to transfer grades from Math A to Math B gradebook. This includes the grades in these columns: Quadratic Formula #1, Solving Inequalities, and Word Problems.

Make sure that the student/s are already added in the destination gradebook in order to proceed. Below are the steps to copy the grades.

1. Go to the Gradebook where the grades are to be copied into (i.e. the destination gradebook) and click the name of the student whose grades need to be transferred.

Note that in this scenario, we will copy the grades of all students from Math A to Math B.

2. Click the Copy button across the source gradebook.

3. The ‘Copy grades’ window appears where you can (1) add students whose grades need to be copied, and (2) map the columns between the source and destination gradebooks.

  • Click “select all” if you need to transfer grades for all students in the roster.
  • Click the “Create new columns for unmapped columns” checkbox if the columns don’t exist in the destination gradebook

4. Click the “Copy Grades” button to initiate the copying of grades. A confirmation window will appear once the copying of grades is done:

5. Review the copied grades then click the Save button.

Note: If your gradebook already has grades, the copy will NOT override your existing entries with data from the other gradebook. So columns in the destination gradebook that already contain grades will remain as-is.

6. You may now delete the columns or grades in the source gradebook (i.e. the columns that contain the grades that were transferred to another gradebook).



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