Inviting Users to Complete Online Forms

General Information

For manually created submissions, or submissions that were imported from a form packet, you can invite them using the “Non-authenticated users” feature. Submissions must already contain a Submitter Email, in order to send out invitations via email.

Enable Users to Retrieve Existing Submissions

In the case where you have additional fields in the Quickschools forms, and/or would like to have submitters review the form, you can send invites to the Submitter Email using the “Send auto response email to submitter” in conjunction with the “Non-authenticated users” feature.

1. In the “Configure Form Packet” screen, scroll down to the “Non-authenticated users” setting and enable “Turn on” and “Users can only retrieve an existing submission”


2. Under the “Email Templates” section, enable the “Send auto response email to submitter” setting and click on “Configure Auto Response Email”:


3. Setup your email message. It is important to include the form URL, submitter email, and reference number fields. Sample:


4. Remember to save!

With these two items set up, each submission will generate an automated email that includes instructions on how to access the form. The email goes to the Submitter Email, so be sure to have the field added in your import excel file if you intend on using this workflow.


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