Google Drive Integration

Connection Setup

Go to


Enable Google Drive API

Click on “Enable APIs and Services”:

Search for “Google Drive API” and Click on “Google Drive API”:

Finally, click on “Enable”:

Create Credentials

Click on “Credentials” and then click ”Create Credentials” and select the “OAuth client ID” option:

Select the “Web application” Application type:

Once the application is created, you’ll need to add an “Authorized redirect URI”. Click “Add URI” to add an entry:


Use the following as the URL, and click “Create”. Be sure to replace <YOURSCHOOLCODE> with the subdomain/schoolcode for your QuickSchools account:


Once you click “Create”, a pop-up will appear with your credentials, which you can enter into QuickSchools:

NOTE: You may have another application for integration to Google Classroom. You cannot re-use this application, since the Authorised Redirect URI is different. Be sure to create a separate one for Google Drive:

You can click on the application to access the credentials

Copy Credentials to QuickSchools

Once you have the API Key, copy the info to the Google Drive App on your QuickSchools account:

Click on “Connect” to test the connection. This will prompt you to log into Google.




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