Student Self-Enrollment

QuickSchools “Student Self-Enrollment” feature (currently in Private Beta) allows students to directly enroll into subjects/courses based on availability. 

A summary is described below:

  • Set a Capacity for each subject/course
  • Enable / Specify the academic term for which students are allowed to enroll into courses
  • Specify a minimum and maximum number of courses the student can self-enroll
  • Allow students to enroll into courses from any grade level / program; or restrict self-enrollment into courses based on the students grade level / program

Course / Subject Capacity

With this new feature enabled, you’ll see a new column under “Global Course Setup” called “Capacity”. This field is required for future courses, but previous courses may have a default value of 100 or 1000.



If you need to bulk change the capacity for previously created courses, please contact the QuickSchools support team.

Custom Fields for Courses / Subjects

When creating custom fields, you can configure up to 3 fields to display on the main table.



These fields will be displayed on the Course Selection screen for students.

Managing Course Selection

As the administrator, you can first select which academic term to activate. Only ONE academic term can be activated for Self-Enrollment. Activating a new academic term will automatically deactivate the previously activated academic term for self enrollment:


When configuring the module, you can set the minimum and maximum number of courses that the student can self-enroll. 


In addition, you can also restrict students to courses from their own grade level / program, as well as show/hide the course details from the Scheduling module.

Simplified Scheduling

This module uses the course information from the Simplified Scheduling module to check for conflicts. To accomplish this, the system will assume that each academic term has ONLY ONE schedule created in the Simplified Scheduler module.


NOTE: The system currently assumes that the entire Simplified Scheduling module works on a single Period Structure, in order to effectively check for conflicts.

Course Selection for Student

When this module is installed, students will see a new “Course Selection” menu on the student portal. If there is no active academic term for Self-Enrollment, students will simply see this screen:


Once an academic term is available for self-enrollment, students can view a list of courses that they are enrolled in. There is an “Add course” button for self enrollment:


When adding a course, depending on the configuration, the Grade Level may be a dropdown. Students can search for the available courses for the selected grade level:


Students can then select which courses to enroll into, and click on the “Enroll” button. NOTE: students will not be able to select courses that are FULL.

The system does some final checks before enrollment, namely:

  • Students cannot enroll into courses that conflict with other courses, based on the Simplified Scheduler.
  • Students cannot enroll into the same course (i.e. having the same name) multiple times
  • Students cannot enroll into more than the allowed number of courses

If you’re interested in this feature, please let us know.




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