Setting Up Homeroom Attendance

Homeroom Attendance/Daily Attendance is used if the attendance needs to be taken only once a day. The homeroom teacher takes attendance for students enrolled in his/her homeroom class. 

Two steps to set up homeroom attendance:

  1. Set up homerooms
  2. Enroll students to their homeroom

Setting Up Homerooms

  1. Go to Classes & Homerooms tab
  2. Click the “Add Homeroom Teacher” button
  3. Enter the teacher’s name in the Homeroom Teacher box then set the homeroom name and abbreviation. Click the OK button to save.
    Note that the system assigns the teacher’s name as the default homeroom name and abbreviation. Feel free to change this should you prefer a different name.

  4. Repeat the steps above to create homeroom/s for each grade level.

Enrolling Students to their Homeroom

There are two ways to enroll students to their homeroom:

  • Via student profile
  • Via Classes & Homerooms tab

A. Via student profile: 

  1. Go to Students tab
  2. Click the student to open the student profile
  3. Click the box across the “Homeroom Teacher” field then select the homeroom of the student

B. Via Classes & Homerooms tab (this option allows you to enroll multiple students to a homeroom):

  1. Go to Classes & Homerooms tab
  2. Click the numeric link under HOMEROOMS column
  3. Add the name of the students to be enrolled to the homeroom then click Save.

After doing the steps above, the homeroom teacher will be able to take attendance under Attendance tab:






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