Importing Subjects/Courses

Quickschools supports importing of subjects from an excel file. This allows you to import multiple subjects at once using the subject importer tool.

Turning on the Subject Importer

To use the importer, go to SETTINGS > Turn Features On/Off > click Configure across Report Cards/Gradebook.

Check “Enable Subject & Subject Enrollment Import” to enable the feature:


The “Import Subjects” button will now appear under Subjects > Global Subject Setup tab:


Preparing the Import File

Your import file can contain the fields listed below.

Required fields:

  • Subject Abbreviation (also Subject Code)
  • Subject Name
  • Class Name or Class Abbreviation
  • Teacher

Optional fields:

  • Credit Hours (default value: 1.0)
  • Class Capacity (default value: 100)
  • Auto-Enroll [Yes/No]? (default value: No)
  • Semester Name (default value: active semester)

Your import file may contain only the four required fields.


The system assigns a default value for the fields that you don’t include in the import file. If you need to assign a different value for these fields, please make sure to include them in your excel file.

It’s best practice that each Subject Code in your excel file is unique.

Please click <here> to get a sample import file.

Importing Subjects

  • Go to Subjects > Global Subject Setup tab
  • Click the “Import Subjects” button to initiate the import
  • Browse for your import file and map the fields accordingly
  • Click the “Import Data” button to start the import. The imported subjects will now appear in the subjects list:

You can also use the importer to update existing subjects in the system. These are the subject information you can update:

  • Subject name
  • Credit hours
  • Class capacity
  • Teacher

The process would be completely the same. Just make sure that the Subject Code in your file and Subject Code in Quickschools are an exact match, otherwise, the system will create a new subject if a subject code in the file doesn’t exist in the system. Your import file is required to have these fields for the import function to work: 

  • Subject Code
  • Subject Name
  • Class Name/Abbreviation

 NOTE: When updating existing subjects, best practice is to export the existing subject codes from the system (via report) into an excel file. Then update the downloaded file to contain the updates that you need. This practice ensures that the subject codes in your file and the subject codes in the system are an exact match.

The importer can also be used to update existing Subject Codes. Please click here for instructions.





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