Setting Up Roles

Quickschools allows you to create roles to easily manage access to features and settings in your account. For example, you want to give your admission staff access to the Admissions tab so he/she can manage the student application forms. Instead of going to Quickschools settings and adding the staff’s name to the feature he/she needs to access, you can simply create a role and set this role to have access to the feature.

To create a role, go to SETTINGS > School Profile, add ‘Admissions Staff’ under School Roles section:


Add your staff’s name to the role ‘Admissions Staff’:


Go to SETTINGS > click Configure across Admissions:


Add ‘Admissions Staff’ role to the list of users across ‘Select users who will manage admissions’


After doing so, the staff will have access to the Admissions tab:



You may also need to give other access to the ‘Admissions Staff’ role like the ability to add new students. By default, only school admins can add and edit student records, but role-based access allows us to assign specific access to users and roles. We can configure the access rights of a role to be able to add students or edit student records. Just send us an email at so we can work on your request.

If there are other parts of Quickschools that should be accessible to the ‘Admissions Staff’, simply enter the role to the feature/function via SETTINGS > Turn Features On/Off.

Creating the role ‘Admissions Staff’ gives you the following benefits:

  • Instantly give the same level of access to another user by adding that user to the role. 
  • Give a set of access to multiple users at once.
  • Instantly remove a user’s access to different parts of Quickschools (that are accessible to the ‘Admissions Staff’ role) by removing the user from the role.
  • In the instance of personnel turnover, you can easily re-assign a set of access that’s configured for one user to another user. 

Another example where the school role may be handy is when you need your Finance department to have access to the Fee Tracking tab to be able to enter student fees or charges. You can create another role for this access and just assign your user/s to it, then configure the role to have access to the Fee Tracking tab.



Simply put, the use of roles allows you to create a set of access that you can assign to one or multiple users, giving these users instant access to the different parts of Quickschools. The same goes if you want to revoke access from a user, you just simply remove the user from the role and all his/her access (that are specific to the role) will be removed. The use of roles enables streamlined access to Quickschools by different users in your school.




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